Top 5 Musical Toys We Love

Luna Unicorn Musical Plush Toy G4053927-Baby-Gund-Tucker-Giraffe-Keywind-Musical-1 G4053927-Baby-Gund-Tucker-Giraffe-Keywind-Musical-2G4053934-Gund-Animated-Flappy-12-Inches-high-res

5 Most Popular Full Month Celebration Gifts

What joyous occasion is complete without a gift to commemorate the occasion? Whether you are planning a full month party or simply attending one to partake in the joy, here are some thoughtful gifts worth having.

1. Baby Clothes 

Genius Baby Onesie

It’s never too early to start being a fashionista. No need to wait till baby is in their teenage years to start looking hip (Also by then, clothes at the shopping malls would cost a bomb) You know the sex of the baby, so you don’t need to stick to simple, gender-neutral clothes. Bring on the shades of pink, magenta, coral, crimson, and hues of sapphire, sky blue and baby blue! Online shops like Diaper Cakes, Lazada and Qoo10 provide options as well for the Internet shopper!

Want something more special, check out our personalised onesies section. If you have a desired image that you want to have printed, send it over to us at and let us work some magic!

2. A cut-out/painting of the baby’s name

Since the parents will be calling the little one’s name for years to come, why not hand-make a painting or a cute, kid-friendly cut-out of the baby’s name from crepe paper, construction paper, anywhere your imagination takes you to? Your artpiece would probably be displayed as a center piece too.  These wooden name cut-outs from Amazon are both classy and afforadable too.

3. Activity mat

The baby won’t be crawling around anytime soon, so why not get him/her an activity mat that will entertain and stimulate him? The baby’s delightful coos and shrieks of laughter will be all thanks to you.

This 3-in-1 interactive versatile Gymini® grows with your baby.  With extraordinarily versatile baby activity mat with modular arches that create 3 modes of use that encourage the development of fine and gross motor skills from birth to toddlerhood.

4. Gifts for mom

Don’t forget about the mother, for without her, there would be no baby to begin with. Herbal medicine, drinks, spa and facial massage vouchers, or even a practical, carry-all bag for her to bring around as she brings the baby out will earn you a sincere thank you from the deserving mother.  Even a bouquet of flowers would cheer her up for sure!

5. Practical Baby Gifts, Like Diaper Cakes!

Mini Piglet Soft Toy Diaper Cake 23 Tier Minnie Mouse Baby Gift Diaper Cake

If you are a new mom, what do you think is the most practical item for your new baby?  Diapers of course! Whether it’s cloth or disposable, all new parents need diapers.. and lots of it!  But just giving diapers is boring and not presentable at all.  Can you imagine your bag of diapers being displayed on the baby shower table? With a little card attached to it and your name on it?  Although practical, and i am sure the new parents would appreciate it very much, it would not stand out as the cutest gift at the hospital,  baby shower or full month celebration party.

Our diaper cakes use diapers as the core “ingredient” in its creation, and comes packed in an exclusive and very impressive gift box. So that makes diaper cakes the most practical baby gift you can give to a new mom or dad.

We have different sizes to fit every budget from $53 mini diaper cakes to our magnificent 3 tier diaper cakes at $199. Free local delivery too!

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3 reasons why we love dolls

3 Reasons Why We Love These Baby Doll Toys

Dolls are a girl’s best friend.  You may disagree, and say it’s diamonds instead.  But when we were little, and the world was much simpler, plush toys, especially dolls ARE indeed our best friends.

At Diaper Cakes Singapore and Nature’s Collection, we strive to bring you the widest range of soft toys and baby gifts you can find online.  So rest assured you will get a dolly that baby loves.  Here are 3 reasons why we love their dolls.

1. They are baby safe.

These My First Dolly baby doll plush toys from GUND are the most suitable for baby.  There are no embellishments or items that pop out of the doll, hence it’s absolutely baby safe.  The doll’s eyes for example, are sewn into the fabric.  They even come in two designs!

My-First-Dolly-13-inch-Doll-Soft-Toys-G059033Baby Gund Sweet Dolly

Check out this video to see a 360 view of the dolly plush.


2. They rattle and talk!

Want a doll that is more interactive for baby?  Babies love rattle toys. So we have the dolls rattle to make them more interesting for playtime!   These 7 inch dolly toys come in blonde or brunette, and rattles softly when you shake it.

My-1st-Dolly-Small-Brunette-Doll-Soft-Toys-G4053917 My-1st-Dolly-Small-Blonde-Doll-Soft-Toys-G4053916

You can choose to up the interaction level with this Peek A Boo Dolly from GUND.  This dolly holds a sweet pink blanket and plays Peek A Boo with baby too!

3. They are used in our Diaper Cakes and Baby gift sets

With all these good stuff, we definitely must include these cute and baby safe dolls in our baby gift hampers and baby gift sets too.  From our basic 1-tier dolly diaper cake, to a magnificent stroller and dolly diaper hamper handmade with love.

Here are some of the wonderful creations we have made using the dolls and doll plush toys as the highlight of the baby gifts.

Dolly Stroller Baby Giftt Diaper Cake Dolly Baby Gift Set 3 Mommy and Dolly Baby Gift Diaper Cake 1 Tier My First Dolly Baby Gift Diaper Cake

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5 Baby Shower Gifts

5 Baby Shower Gifts I Would Give To Myself (If I have a third one coming!)

Baby shower gifts these days are quite a far cry from what those I received for my baby showers several years ago.  A baby hamper today may not even look like a baby gift you present to new presents on the birth of their newborn child.  Heck, some of these baby hampers don’t even look like hampers, they look like food you eat!  Like the sushi diaper cakes. Oh my goodness. They look so good i wouldn’t bear to open it.

I already have 2 girls, but i love parties and gifts, so I really wouldn’t mind having a third baby just so i can throw another baby shower (okay, maybe i’m exaggerating a bit here) or have another reason to celebrate.

So short of coming up with a gift registry for my guests, here’s a list of 5 baby shower gifts i would love to receive IF i have a third baby.  But for the record, i’m not. Well, not yet anyway.

1. Diaper Cakes Baby Shower Gifts

A Diaper cake is the “in” thing to give these days if you are looking for a baby shower gift.   They are simply a creative way of packing disposable diapers and other baby wear into a tiered shaped cake hamper.  These babies look so yummy you won’t bear to open them.  But every item used to make the diaper cake is practical and useful, especially the diapers! Diapers are one of the most important items a new mother needs in the first few months.

There are many diaper cake sellers in the market these days, but Diaper Cakes Singapore is the ONLY one with an impressive gift box packaging that stands out from all the rest.  We also have the widest range of designs and offer same day delivery or collection.

3 Tier Girl Diaper Cake box   Adeline Baby Gift Box Diaper Cake

Here are our range of Diaper Cakes from our best selling 2 tier diaper cake to the towering 3 tier “Rolls Royce” version .

3 Tier Pink Unicorn Plush Toy Diaper Cake Blue Triceratops Dinosaur Diaper Cake 3 1 Tier Boo Unicorn Soft Toy Baby Gift

Diaper Cakes do not just refer to the cake-like hampers, they can also refer to these cute versions too.   From a motorbike (below), to a train or even a beautiful carousel, the sky’s the limit when it comes to using disposable diapers to craft out a unique baby shower gift.  I would love to receive one of this as my baby shower gift. Makes for a great table decor or center piece too!

Pink Teddy On Bike Diaper Cake Blue Teddy On Bike Diaper Cake

2. Anything unicorn! (If it’s a girl)

I love unicorns!  Which girl doesn’t?  Especially if it comes in such an adorable range like the GUND Luna Unicorn collection below.  With our wide range of unicorn plush toys and diaper cakes baby shower gift hampers, there’s a unicorn for every baby (and mommy too!)

Baby-Gund-Luna-Pullstring-Musical-Unicorn-soft-toy Luna Unicorn Musical Plush Toy

We especially love this unicorn themed baby shower gift basket.  With all things pink and unicorn, this gift basket is so pretty, and practical too. Everything in the basket can be used by the baby. And the basket can be reused when emptied to put fruits or baby essentials in the nursery.

3. A Spa Retreat

spa lady

Every new mommy wants a break from the crying and constantly hungry newborn baby. What better way to pamper her than with a spa retreat.  The one thing i love about my confinement period, are the home massages by the Jamu massage lady who does wonders to rid my post-pregnancy tummy.   And all in the comfort of my own home.  Of course, nothing beats the ambience of a professional top notch spa with their water features, aromatherapy and soothing music.   So yes, please get me a spa package voucher for my next baby shower gift.  Thank you very much!

4. A Stylish Baby Bag


Why is it so hard to get a baby diaper bag that’s both practical and stylish?? For my first born, i was stuck with the baby bag that the hospital provided us upon discharge.  It’s so practical that I couldn’t bear to switch to the other more stylish baby bag that i bought.  Even though that means I have to lug around an ugly brownish sling bag with the words “Thomson Medical” printed on it. I could put so many things in that bag, and they have spacious side compartments too that’s perfect for stuffing the milk bottles.

There are so many posts on stylish baby bags, with images of celebrities carrying these supposedly stylish diaper bags in one hand and their babies in the other.  But somehow, none of these bags strike me as both stylish and practical.  To be honest, i don’t have a particular design in mind. I guess I’m the customer who still don’t know that they want until it’s available in the market. Kinda like what Steve Jobs said about the ipad / iphone.  I need something that is like a backpack, rather than a sling bag.  Cause i need both hands free. Duh!  The sling bag just doesn’t quite make it since i’m kinda still one side busy.  And this baby backpack need to have enough compartments to put all the baby essentials, yet not look bulky when filled.   Lastly, it needs to look stylish.  Like “really” stylish.  Not the kinds that would make me look like a overburdened mother (with baby carrier in front and big bag behind), or a young schoolgirl kinda backpack that makes me look like an unwed or underage mother.  This one’s a challenge i know!

5. Super Luxurious Bed Sheets

Luxurious Bedsheets

I LOVE my bedsheets. After all, you spend one third of your life sleeping.  So I think we should sleep luxuriously. Especially after you just had a baby! Of course, having a super good looking bed frame would be a bonus. But if not, luxurious bedsheets are good enough.  And I’m talking about at least 1000 thread count and above.  I love the budget friendly sheets from Akemi Uchi. Especially their ProModal range.  The sheets are so smooth and silky to the touch i have difficulty getting out of bed every morning.. LOL!

Okay! Here’s my short list of 5 baby shower gifts i would love to give myself (or receive) if i had another baby.  Time to send this post to my close friends.  Cheers.

White and Red Grungy Dinosaur Birthday Invitation

5 Roaring Dinosaur Toys and Baby Gifts You Would Rave About

“Dinosaur”! is the only word that Peppa Pig’s brother George, would utter. And for good reason too.  We have compiled a list of 5 dinosaur toys and baby gifts that you would definitely rave about.  Because they are so cute!  And educational too.

Dinosaurs make learning history fun for the little ones.  So make a little boy roar with delight with these one of a kind dinosaur toys and baby gifts.  We even threw in some kids furniture too, for the boy whose bedroom is all decked out in dinosaur. You’re welcome.

1. Dinosaur Toy Puzzles

Puzzle Doubles Find It! DinosaursLJ719855-Puzzle-Doubles-Find-It-Dinosaurs

These Dinosaur Puzzles are not like the common ones you see in the retail stores these days.  These ones  doubles up as two great products in one! Each Find It! Puzzle in the Puzzle Doubles series includes a giant 50- piece 2′ x 3′ beautifully illustrated talk about floor puzzle- After the puzzle is assembled, it becomes a game! Also included with each puzzle are two- sided game pieces that match the objects located on the puzzle s border- You can play the game in two ways: Object Recognition – by having the child place a game piece over the object on the border once it is located in.  Talk about giving a gift with educational value!


This dinosaur puzzle is for the little ones.  Perfect for ages 2 and above, this colourful set of 15 dinosaur themed puzzle cards provides children with an excellent introduction to their favourite dinosaur creature. Each card features a picture of a unique dinosaur.  Children will learn to recognise many different dinosaurs by simply matching the correct pieces to complete the puzzle.  Plus! The puzzles are self-correcting as no two puzzle cuts are the same.  This feature gives the little ones a boost of confidence when they are able to fix the pieces on their own.

2. Soft Dinosaur Toys Related image

Dinosaur toys don’t have to be all scary and realistic.  They can be cute and fluffy too.  And suitable for girls as well.  Check out these cute range of  GUND dinosaur plush toys.


Still a sucker for realistic looking dinosaur toys? Here’s a 14 inch long Triceratops Plush Toy for you.

Gund Diesyl Triceratops Plush Toy 14"

These cutie dinosaur sound toys make a realistic (but not too scary) roaring sound when pressed! Check out this video.


3. Dinosaur Toys Baby Gifts T-Rex on Emojipedia 5.2

Searching for a dinosaur baby gift for an upcoming baby shower? At Diaper Cakes Singapore, we have the perfect solution for you.  With our range of dinosaur toys baby gift sets and dinosaur toy diaper cakes, you are definitely going to find one that suits your budget.

Be warned, some of the dinosaur toys on our diaper cakes make real roaring noises too.

 Green Dinosaur Boy Baby Shower Gift Set 2 Blue Triceratops Dinosaur Diaper Cake Red Stegosaurus Dinosaur Diaper Cake

4. Dinosaur Baby Onesies

Holding a dinosaur themed baby shower of first birthday party? Dress up the star of the day with our personalised dinosaur baby onesies. Perfect for that Instagram picture.

Be Beautiful Dinosaur Baby Onesie Be brave Dinosaur personalized Onesie Be brave and fly dinosaur baby onesie

5. Dinosaur Toy FurnitureImage result for dinosaur emoji

A perfect addition to the little boy’s dinosaur themed bedroom, these quality Dinosaur wooden furniture from Teamson are built to last.  And fun to look at too.  From clothes hanger, to a toy box and even a dinosaur wooden rocking toy, have fun decorating the room!

Teamson Kids Furniture Dinosaur Clothes Stand Dinosaur-Toy-Box-TD0074A Rocking-Dinosaur-TD0077A

Hope you have a “Roaring” time shopping for dinosaur toys on Diaper Cakes Singapore!

Don’t like Dinosaurs?  Here are some great baby gift ideas for boys too.

Baby Gifts and Hampers for boys

Baby Gifts for Boys – Diaper Cakes Singapore

Baby Gifts and Hampers for boys

These baby gifts and gift sets for boys are a creative alternative from the boring boxed clothing sets that you see in the gift shops and florists.   And a much more thoughtful baby gift than a red packet too.  A beautiful baby gift for a handsome newborn baby boy. We also have super cute boy diaper cakes ranging from $69 with free delivery. For those who like to think out of the “box”.  Haha!

Here are some beautiful baby gifts sets proudly presented by Diaper Cakes Singapore.

Dapper Baby Boy Gift Set

Dapper style dominates this baby boy gift set.  Sure to put a smile on the new daddy’s face too!

Nautical Boy Baby Gift Hamper Set 1

For the baby who loves, or whose parents love the sea. Sort of like Moana the Disney Princess. Cute baby whales and anchors surround the theme and feel of this boy baby gift set.

Green Dinosaur Boy Baby Shower Gift Set 2

When we think of a baby gift for a baby boy, Dinosaurs will somehow come to mind.  So we make sure we are not left out by presenting you this Dinosaur baby gifts set.  Perfect baby gifts for a roaring and active newborn baby boy. Here’s a peek of what’s inside this Dinosaur baby gift set.

Learn more about Diaper Cakes Baby Gifts Singapore

There are plenty of stores selling baby gifts in Singapore.  Be it along the streets of Orchard road, or in the small gift shops and florists in your neighbourhood shopping malls and hospitals. But nothing beats the ease of buying a gift online.

With Diaper Cakes Baby Gifts Singapore, you can order a beautiful and practical baby gift for a chubby baby boy, all in the comfort of your own home or office. Our website is mobile friendly, so you can order from your handphone while commuting to work via public transport too.

Professional Baby Gifts Customer Service

Our customers always come first, which is why we offer beautiful but practical baby gifts to everyone, no matter how big or small your budget is. Our entire team here at Diaper Cakes Baby Gifts Singapore really thinks about customers, what they need and how we can cater to your needs.

We always maintain a certain quality standard, always striving to refresh the designs of our baby gifts and working hard to deliver them on time. diaper cakes baby gifts won’t resemble anything that you could find at your ordinary florist, or baby gift shop. We combine practicality with beauty, so your gift will always enchant you and your recipient with its cute design and impressive packaging.

Buy your baby gifts from Diaper Cakes and we’ll make sure that you walk out of our “shop” with a smile on your face.

Because a handsome baby boy deserves equally handsome baby gifts.

Pink and White Starry Unicorn Invitation

8 Unique Unicorn Soft Toy and Baby Gifts


The unicorn is a legendary creature that has been described since antiquity as a beast with a single large, pointed, spiraling horn projecting from its forehead.

At Diaper Cakes Singapore, we have all things cute and magical, for little girls who are equally cute and magical!

Here’s a list of 8 unique unicorn soft toy and unicorn baby gifts that will delight your recipients (young and old alike).

1. Unicorn Soft Toy Pillow 🦄

We love these pastel range of unicorn soft toy pillows and cushions that are great as birthday gifts for little girls.  For the little girl in some of us, these cushions make a great ornament in the living room sofas too.

Available in 2 shapes, a u-shaped unicorn neck pillow (great for road trips or on the plane), or a rectangular pillow cushion with a unicorn head on top and feet below. The u-shaped neck pillow has colourful ribbon labels as the unicorn’s mane, so it’s perfect for the little one who loves to play with labels!  Prices start from SGD$17.90.

My favourite colour?  Pink of course!

  Unicorn Cushion PillowUnicorn Neck Cushion

Unicorn Neck Cushion Pillow 2 Unicorn Neck Cushion Pillow 2


2. Unicorn Soft Towel 🦄

These fleece unicorn towels are so soft they are perfect for keeping your baby warm at night. Or as a swaddling blanket to wrap your newborn baby in.  Suitable as a bath towel to dry the little ones after they are all nice and clean! Only SGD$17.90 each.

Unicorn Towel 3 Unicorn Towel 3 Unicorn Towel 3


3. Unicorn Soft Toy Towel Baby Gift 🦄

We love these adorable unicorn soft toy and towel combination! Perfect as a simple baby shower gift, or as a decoration at a baby shower party that can be used later. Great for a unicorn themed baby shower too.

This unicorn soft toy baby gift features a small unicorn soft toy hugging a piece of rolled up fleece blanket.

Available in two types: the sitting unicorn version or standing unicorn soft toy version.  From SGD$19.90 each.     Unicorn Baby Gift TowelBlue Unicorn Baby Gift TowelUnicorn with towel   

4. Unicorn Soft Toys 🦄

Diaper Cakes Singapore and our sister company, Nature’s Collection has the widest range of Unicorn soft toys and everything else that’s unicorn and soft.  If you are looking for something unicorn, from unicorn plush toys, to unicorn keychains and even unicorn bedroom slippers, we got you covered.

This huge 40cm tall unicorn soft toy is gonna be a delightful gift for a squealing little girl whose bedroom is full of unicorn toys.

Pair this unicorn soft toy with an equally cute pair of 12 inch unicorn bedroom slippers below!


Pusheen loves take note! Now you can get the unicorn version here with this cute 13 inch rainbow Pusheenicorn plush toy.


5. Unicorn Musical Soft Toy and Rattle 🦄

If you prefer something a little bit special, here are some unicorn soft toys that either rattles or plays music.

This 10” pull string musical Unicorn soft toy from GUND plays Brahm’s Lullaby when string with golden, satin star is pulled. Loop included for easy hanging.


GUND also have a wonderful range of unicorn soft rattle toys in 4 inch and 7 inch sizes, as well as a key wind 9 inch tall unicorn toy.

Luna Unicorn Musical Plush Toy

6. Unicorn Soft Toy Baby Gift Sets 🦄

Looking for a unicorn soft toy baby gift? Diaper Cakes Singapore has the perfect one for you.

Available in a pink basket version, or a unicorn gift box set, these 2 unicorn baby gift sets are designed to impress your recipient. Our baby gifts look good so you, the sender, can look good too!

Unicorn Baby Gift Box

7. Unicorn Diaper Cakes Baby Gifts 🦄

Our trademark product, Diaper Cakes are the most awesome way of wrapping disposable diapers and baby wear into a baby gift hamper.  Here are some of our best selling unicorn inspired diaper cakes.  Prices start from SGD$99.00 each with free local delivery.

1 Tier Boo Unicorn Soft Toy Baby Gift Lucky Unicorn Baby Gift Diaper Cake 1 Tier Unicorn Diaper Cake baby gift 1

8. Unicorn Baby Onesies🦄

Want to dress your baby girl in a unicorn onesie or romper?  We do personalised unicorn onesies too.

Prices start from $29.90 each. Simply choose the design from our website, give us your baby’s name, and Boom! Order placed.  It’s that simple.

Pink Unicorn Onesie 4 Happy Unicorn Baby Onesie White Unicorn Onesie 1

So there you go, a whole host of unicorn items that would make great gifts for the young and old.  You don’t need a miracle to see a unicorn!