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5 Roaring Dinosaur Toys and Baby Gifts You Would Rave About

“Dinosaur” is the only word that Peppa Pig’s brother George, would utter. And for good reason too.  We have compiled a list of 5 dinosaur toys and baby gifts that you would definitely rave about.  Because they are so cute!  And educational too.  Dinosaurs make learning history fun for the little ones.  So make a […]

Baby Gifts for Boys – Diaper Cakes Singapore

Baby Gifts and Hampers for boys These baby gifts and gift sets for boys are a creative alternative from the boring boxed clothing sets that you see in the gift shops and florists.   And a much more thoughtful baby gift than a red packet too.  A beautiful baby gift for a handsome newborn baby boy. […]

5 Tigger Soft Toys that will make you howl.

Tigger is arguably the most eccentric member of the Hundred Acre Wood. Overly energetic, reckless, and fairly thoughtless, Tigger is somewhat of a trouble-maker and causes a fair share of mishaps for both himself and his friends. Here are our top tigger soft toys picks. 1. Tigger soft toys – Dino Suit Tigger Is it a […]

5 Minnie Mouse Baby Gifts

Minnie is to Mickey what peanut butter is to jelly. Here are our top 5 picks for Minnie Mouse Baby Gifts. Check out our post for Mickey Mouse HERE. 1. Minnie Mouse Baby Girl Prewalker Shoes   Dress up your baby girl in these adorable pink prewalker shoes. Shoe heel has an elastic band sewn in for […]

Top 5 Cookie Monster Plush Toy Baby Gifts

Top 5 Cookie Monster Plush Toy Baby Gifts Are you a big fan of Cookie?  Diaper Cakes Singapore and Nature’s Collection has the widest range of cookie monster plush toy online.  Here are a list of 5 of our favourites. Cookie Monster is a blue furry monster Muppet on the long-running children’s television show Sesame […]