A diaper cake is a cute & memorable baby gift.

It is not something you eat! Instead, it made up of common baby items such as: diapers, rompers, shoes, socks and bibs. These items are then put together by hand to resemble the shape of a cake.

2 Tier Girl Diaper Cake

All of our diaper cakes come in an attractive 46cm tall gift box with a handle that is easily carried.

Our mini cakes comes in a 30cm tall gift box.

The gift box is sealed to prevent any dust or dirt from entering once the Diaper Cake is made.  

Girl 2 Tier Diaper Cake Box  Boy Mini Diaper Cake Box

There is also a gift message box template at the side of the gift box for you to write your congratulatory messages to the new parents! Message will be printed on a label and pasted on the gift box.

What kind of diapers are used to make the Diaper Cakes?

We use “Huggies” diapers in Medium (M) size.  Huggies M-size diapers fit babies 5-10kg.

You can choose to customize the brand (e.g. Merries, Mamy Poko) or customize the size (e.g. S or Newborn size) of diapers for additional cost.   Actual cost will depend on the brand and size requested.

Please contact us at Contact@DiaperCakes.sg to enquire the cost.

Diapers are assembled in whole pieces (not rolled) to form each round tier of the Diaper Cake.

All baby diapers used in making our Diaper Cakes are handled with the strictest levels of cleanliness and hygiene, in a 100% non-smoking, non-pet environment.

No Smoking To Make Diaper Cakes - www.diapercakes.sgNo Dust To Make Diaper Cakes - www.diapercakes.sg

What other materials are used in making the Diaper Cakes?

Most of our Diaper Cakes contain the following items:

  • Disposable Diapers

Diapers come in different shapes and sizes.  We use Huggies disposable diapers in Medium Size, which fits babies 5-10kg.  

Our Birthday Diaper Cakes for 1 year old babies are made of Large Size, which fits babies up to 8-14kg.

We also accept customised orders with different diaper brand and size.  

So if you know the new mommy’s preference for her baby’s diapers, do let us know and we can work something out for you.

  • Flannel Cotton Receiving / Swaddling Blanket

We use printed flannel cotton receiving blankets that measures 76x76cm. Receiving blankets, also know as swaddling blankets, are good for keeping baby tightly wrapped up and snug.  This helps to keep babies calm as it simulates the feeling they have while inside mummy’s womb before they were born.

Swaddling is the ancient method of snugly wrapping up your baby to help him feel safe and secure. Being wrapped up can stop your baby from being disturbed by his own startle reflex. You may have noticed your baby doing little jerks of his body when he’s sleeping.

Here are other ways you can use a swaddling / receiving blanket!


  • Baby Onesie / Romper

Onesies and Baby Rompers used in making our Diaper Cakes are mostly from well known brands such as Carters or Disney.  They may be long or short-sleeved depending on the design selected.  We even do personalized onesies too, printed with our own designs and your baby’s name on it!

  • Baby Prewalker Shoes

We know a newborn baby’s feet are still very vulnerable as their bone structures are not fully formed yet.  So shoes are technically, not a necessity.  

But who can resist cute little baby shoes on their tiny little feet?!  

All shoes used in making our Diaper Cakes are soft sole prewalker shoes suitable for babies 6-12 months.  

For our one-year old Birthday Diaper Cakes, we use shoes suitable for babies 12-18 months old.

  • Baby Socks

Socks used in making our Diaper Cakes are meant to fit babies 6-12 months.  They come in a variety of pink or blue designs and sometimes with Disney characters that matches with your romper layer.

  • Baby Feeding Bibs

Our baby bibs comes in matching colors with your Diaper Cake.  Keeps baby meal times less messy in a cute yet fashionable way!

  • Soft Toys

We have the widest range of licensed (and sometimes limited edition!) soft toys that will suit any occasion.  From the well known Disney characters like Mickey and Minnie to Hello Kitty, Elmo and the world’s most loved Pomeranian i.e. Boo.  Our range of soft toys definitely ups the cuteness level of our Diaper Cakes!


What are the sizes available for the baby items?

All baby items used in making our Diaper Cakes are suitable for babies 6-12 months.

We don’t recommend getting the smallest size cause babies grow too fast!

Also, the new parents would most probably have bought plenty of baby clothes for the first few months.  So a baby gift with bigger sized items would have a higher chance of being used on the baby!

Can I customize my Diaper Cakes Baby Gift Hamper?

All our Diaper Cakes Baby Gift Hampers can be customized with the baby’s name up to a maximum of 8 letters, for an additional $6.

The baby name is created using scrapbooking letter stickers that can be peeled off and reused on the baby’s cot or bedroom door.

If you have a particular diaper cake design you like, we can also mix and match the rompers / onesies, baby shoes and soft toys to create your desired diaper cake.

Can I add on other items to my Diaper Cake Hamper?

We provide simple add-on products with our Diaper Cakes such as these cute baby-themed helium balloons!

Other add-ons include:

Ready to get your Diaper Cake?

Orders can be place at www.DiaperCakes.sg or via email at Contact@DiaperCakes.sg