5 Things Never To Say To A New Mom

5 Things Never To Say To New Parents

5 Things Never To Say To A New Mom

Despite all your kind intentions as a well-wisher, there are taboo things that we should avoid saying or even hinting to the new parents.  Especially to the first time mom who might still be recovering from childbirth and battling the stress of caring for her newborn.

So as we celebrate the joyous occasion of a baby’s arrival, give a Diaper Cake baby gift hamper to impress your recipient. But don’t nullify the praises you received for choosing an amazing baby gift, with careless comments that might offend the new parents.

Here’s a list of 5 common but careless phrases that innocent well-wishers tend to babble out.

1. “You look tired!”

tired mom

All new moms look tired!  Especially a first time mom.  Short of being celebrity moms constantly with make up artists and professional hair stylists fussing over them, new moms hardly have time for rest.  If you don’t want to be blacklisted in the minds of your new mom friend or relative, then we highly suggest that you skip this comment.   Sleep deprivation is a norm for all new moms, so a comment like this to a walking female zombie cradling a newborn baby is a NO NO.

2. “When are you having the next one?”

Annoyed woman GIF

This is one of THE most annoying things you can say to a new mom or dad. I had to deflect this one during my baby’s full month party, coming from a well being senior auntie who had nothing better to say.  Give our poor vagina a break!

This topic of having a second baby right after the first one should be avoided at all costs. Not only is it insensitive, but extremely rude, especially if you do not know if the couple wants another baby, or how difficult it was for them to conceive the first one.

3. “You can finally have a good rest during your maternity leave.”

Are you kidding? Unless we are living in one of these countries that has the best maternity leave in the world, dealing with a newborn baby (and breastfeeding!) full-time for 4 months is not really considered as a well-deserved break.  In fact, having a new baby means you probably won’t have time for yourself for a very long time.

This means the new mommy doesn’t have the luxury to “have a good rest” while taking care of the baby. Unless you think changing diapers full of pee and poop daily, and hushing your baby to stop crying every night is relaxing, don’t say anything.

4.  “He/ She doesn’t look like you!”


Goodness!  Are you trying to imply that we stole the baby from someone else? One of us spent nine exhausting months carrying him around in my tummy.  The least you could do is pretend that he looks like me!

5. “Try to sleep when the baby sleeps.”

Mommy and baby sleeping

This sounds like excellent advice, but almost impossible to follow.  Especially if the new mom is breastfeeding!  Of course we would love to be like the image above, cuddling with our sleeping angel for half a day.  But it’s just not practical.  The time when baby sleeps is when we do the laundry (for the third time today), cook our own food, tidy the house, pay the bills, go to the grocers or make a cup of tea.

So there you have it, avoid saying the above 5 things, and you should be safe from offending a new mother!  Remember, hell hath no fury than a woman (worst for a new mom) scorned!


diaper cakes singapore

Diaper Cakes Singapore: Best Gift Ideas

Diaper cakes: ever heard of them before? Looking for a special baby gift for new parents can be challenging if you don’t have an idea. A diaper cake is perhaps one of the best and most creative gift ideas that you should consider. We at Diaper Cakes Singapore have everything you’re looking for!

What exactly is a diaper cake?

Before you head out to your neighbourhood dessert shop or bakery, let us clarify. A diaper cake is actually NOT an edible cake. The baby gifts and products at diaper cake Singapore are designed and made with disposable diapers, clothes, socks, and shoes, and other useful baby items, and shaped into a tiered cake.

These useful baby items are put together to create a festive and special baby gift for new parents. Diaper cakes are very practical and unexpected. Newborn parents will surely love your creativity and make them feel that you have personally handpicked the items as a special touch.

Gift Ideas from Diaper Cakes Singapore

Here are some gift ideas from Diaper Cakes Singapore that you could consider gifting to new mommies and daddies.

Diaper Cakes For Baby Boys

A Mickey Mouse diaper cake is a great idea to give new parents if their child is a boy. Who doesn’t love Mickey right?

This 2-tier baby gift hamper is hand made with disposable diapers, socks, shoes, romper, blanket, bib, Mickey Mouse toy, and packaged in a gift box that’s 46cm tall. It’s super cute and adorable. Parents will indeed cherish your gift as it is unique, thoughtful and totally practical!

Diaper cakes For Baby Girls

Parents will definitely enjoy receiving a mini diaper cake for their little darling. Our range of Mini Diaper Cakes are small in size but big in thoughtfulness! This Diaper Cake baby gift set comes with disposable diapers, a love a lot pink Care Bear plush toy, a pair of socks, and a onesie with the slogan “My Name is Princess Fussy-Pants” printed on it.   This little package will surely put smiles to new moms and dads.

Soft / Plush toys

Another great idea is to give a newborn baby some soft toys to play with.  A set of plush animals such as Winnie the Pooh and Friends can help keep the baby company so that mommy and daddy can rest for a few minutes.  Each character is designed with a height of 8 inches. You can buy all four characters (Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, and Eeyore) so that the baby can have more friends to play with. These little plush toys are soft and gentle on the baby’s skin.


ugg-dino-plush-greenMy-First-Dolly-13-inch-Doll-Soft-Toys-G059033G4030269 Gund Snuffles Tan 10 Inches

At Diaper Cakes Singapore, we have a whole range of plush toys for you to choose from.  From super cute and cuddly Teddy bears, to little dolls (for the girls) and dinosaurs (for the boys).  Our favourite are those from Baby GUND, as the range of soft toys are all baby safe with no protruding hard parts that maybe hazardous for the baby or the older sibling.

Personalised Onesies

This cute owl personalized name baby onesie is one of our favourites. You can choose from a variety of onesies such as cute animals including owls, deer, bears, chicks, and other adorable characters. There are also other designs available to match the baby’s gender.

Baby girls have options such as flowers, hearts, and wreaths while boys can choose from a variety of statement onesies such as “Captain Adorable.” You can have any of our rompers personalised. You just have to indicate the name of the baby and size in the order form.

Baby Feeding Products

There are tons of feeding accessories to match every baby’s need. You can pick from a selection of cute and adorable animal bibs to add a bit of whimsical colour during the baby’s eating time.

For bigger babies, you can shop for a small plate, tiny fork and spoon, and a mini water bottle. These accessories are all available at Diaper Cakes Singapore.

baby shower ideas

3 Creative and Fun Baby Shower Ideas

Planning a baby shower is one of the most fun and exciting part of becoming a new parent. During pregnancy, you’ll experience a roller coaster of emotions but a baby shower is always something to get you and your hubby excited about. In this regard, we’ve gathered a list of great baby shower ideas so you can create the perfect party including themes, games, food, and party favors to suit your style and need.

Just remember, anyone except the soon-to-be parents can host the event. Usually, a baby shower is scheduled during the last two months of pregnancy. Takes these baby shower ideas and brainstorm with your friends for an awesome party.

Baby Shower Ideas for a Fun Party

1. Co-ed baby shower

Instead of the usual all-girls baby shower party, why not make it a co-ed theme instead? This way you can also include the hubby and his friends to join the fun.

When you’re planning a co-ed party, it is highly recommended to choose a gender neutral theme. This will avoid alienating the male from the female guests. Just imagine how you’d feel if you’re a guy entering a room and everything you see is pink.

A neutral theme will make all the guests feel more relaxed and comfortable. Of course you can still add a splash of color. Just make sure you avoid over styling the venue.

A good suggestion is to pick themes such as toys, objects or animals that can be attributed to both genders such as owls. Owl-themed parties are certainly adorable and charming to both men and women. Plus, it goes well whether the baby is a boy or a girl. It’s also a perfect theme in case the parents don’t know the gender of their baby.

You can even have a customized owl onesie made for the baby or perhaps ask the guests to bring owl-themed baby shower gifts.

2. Gender reveal party

For expectant parents who do not want to divulge the gender of their baby, they can consider announcing it during the shower party. Some parents prefer a gender revealing baby shower party so that they can all celebrate this important occasion with all their loved ones.

If you are having your party during a holiday or an important event, you can base or incorporate your theme with it. For example, if the party falls around the Easter season, you can use the Easter Egg theme as your party concept. You can distribute colored plastic eggs to your guests and have them open it to reveal a pink or blue colored candy inside. This is a fun way to make the guests feel part of the celebration.

3. Interactive games

The game portion is perhaps the most fun part of a baby shower. Make sure you plan interactive games for the guests.

If you’re having a co-ed party, you can ask the men and women to pair up. Then blindfold the women and have them feed a spoonful of baby food to the men. The fastest couple to finish their small bowl wins.

This game may be simple but the process is fun and it will surely bring a lot of laughter. Plus, this also makes the male guests feel part of the party.

Mini Diaper Cake Baby Gift

Care Bear Baby Girl With Pram

This screams “WELCOME BABY GIRL!” in the form of a pink care bear with a pram balloon happily floating atop.

This baby gift is made entirely of the following:


  • 7 Disposable Diapers (Huggies M Size, Fits babies 5-10kg)
  • 1 Baby Onesie (6-12 months)
  • 1 Pair of Baby Socks
  • 1 Care Bear Plush Toy
  • 1 Premium Diaper Cake Baby Gift Box (with easy to carry handle)


Baby Gifts Singapore Marina Square

Visit us at Marina Square #02-271 to shop cute baby gifts for your loved ones. Featuring brands such as GUND, Skip Hop and not forgetting our own brand of Diaper Cakes, these make lovely baby gifts.





Of course, you can also buy these products through our website!

Insanely Cute Baby Shower Party Prizes!

At a baby shower, besides all the food and presents, there will be games and prizes as well. Look no further for ideas on what makes a great prize!


1. Sweet Treats 

Candy, such as chocolate, mints and jelly beans, is a sweet favor that most guests enjoy as prizes. Other tasty treats given at baby showers include cupcakes, glazed nuts and dried fruits. A favor bag with a variety of treats inside is another idea for baby shower prizes and don’t take long to prepare. If you’ve been to FairPrice or Giant or Valudollar, you know that buying candy in bulk really doesn’t take much on your wallet.

Baby Shower Party Prizes
2. Pamper your guests

There are many options for bath and beauty prizes at a baby shower. Bath confetti or salts (Available from Sephora), soaps and lotions are the perfect rewards for making guests feel pampered. Mirror compacts are useful favors or prizes for guests. Nail polish in different shades and manicure tools are also appreciated as prizes. Lipstick, eye shadows and eye liners are some make-up options that go well with cosmetic bags. Cheat tip: Sometimes buying lots of makeup at Sephora entitles you to get free samples, so the next time you are going on a spree, keep this secret in mind!!!

Baby Shower Party Prizes



Baby Shower Party Prizes

(Some Sephora samples you can look out for)

3. Kitchen tools

Kitchen utensils, such as baby-themed cooking timers, ice cream scoops and cookie cutters are some common baby shower prizes. (But will only be appreciated if your fellow party guests are parents themselves)

Baby Shower Party Prizes

You could even think of packaging cute ice cream toppings in addition to giving the ice cream scoop.

Other kitchen tools such as bottle openers and wine stoppers are also practical ideas for prizes. In addition, photo frames, photo albums and other photo favors are useful items that guests can keep as a memory of the occasion.

4. Grow your own!

Alternatively, grow your own. (Plant, that is.) Find a colorful pot and fill it with an inexpensive trowel, garden gloves and a packet of seeds, including “baby’s breath” seeds if you can find them.

Wrap the entire thing in pink or blue cellophane and tie with a ribbon.

Baby Shower Party Prizes img_0086

5. Note cards.

Even with the reliance on e-mail today, you can never have too many note cards. For a baby-shower prize, you can provide a packet of note cards from any major retailer or card store or, better yet, make your own, to add that customisation!!


5 Gender Reveal Party Ideas

With the trend and habits of documenting milestones in our lives on social media, baby showers and gender reveal parties are gaining popularity. With a need to be budget friendly, fun, out of this world and Instagrammable, on top of it all, it would be so much easier for the new parents if they were easy to plan and coordinate.

We came up with 5 gender reveal party ideas that fulfil all these criteria!

1. Paint Fight Gender Reveal Party

Decide to squirt guests with bottles of pink or blue paint and host a Gender Reveal Paint Fight as a way of breaking the news. In a sea of perfectly styled party themes, this theme shows your sense of fun!

At least provided all your guests remember to show up wearing old clothes and sweats. Also hey, it will make for some good Instagram fodder.

Gender Reveal Party Ideas

2. Family Photo

At the end of the party, reveal a picture taken of your feet, your partner’s and an empty pair of baby girl or baby boy shoes. Frame the picture for memory’s sake and keep it for a long time coming.

Gender Reveal Party Ideas With Shoes

3. Boxes of streamers
If you’d like to keep the party decorations simple, gather 2 cardboard boxes, 1 that says “It’s a girl” and the other that says “It’s a boy”. Have friends and family video tape the occasion as both of you flip your boxes at the same time. The box that is the gender of the baby you are having contains fun streamers and decorations you can pre-fill before the guests come.

4. Gender Reveal Cake
One of the more popular gender reveal party ideas, a gender reveal cake is a cake beautifully baked and iced that reveals the gender of the baby when sliced or cut. This site has lots of cake ideas!

5. Decorate your bump
The most fuss free of all, gather everyone together and lift your shirt. You can decorate your bump with a ribbon or bow, or even with some makeup or body paint. If you’re shy, you can have a pink gift bow and a blue gift bow sitting on a table– let your husband stick the right color bow on your shirt over your belly.
If you’re not having a party, take pictures of your decorated bump and send them to the grandparents-to-be.

its-a-boy-gender-reveal party ideas

Boy or girl, we are wishing you a happy, safe pregnancy ahead!

Same Day Delivery For All Baby Gifts


Need a baby gift urgently? Tired of giving the same old red packet?

Give your expecting friend a Diaper Cake today!

1-tier-piglet-baby-girl / Same Day Delivery For ALL Baby Gifts   3 Tier Care Bear Purple with White Flower Blanket / Same Day Delivery For ALL Baby Gifts 2 Tier Sleeping Minnie Mouse Diaper Cake / Same Day Delivery For ALL Baby Gifts

Our Diaper Cakes are handmade in a pet-free, smoke-free environment to guarantee not just beauty and cute points, but a level of quality as well!

So if you’re looking for a place that offers SAME DAY DELIVERY FOR ALL BABY GIFTS, you found us!

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50 Unique Baby Gifts And Gifts For New Parents

Babies are a bundle of joy to behold and being a new parent means new challenges and experiences. Giving gifts is a way to celebrate a happy occasion, so here are 50 unique baby gifts and gifts for new parents.

1. Monthly Baby Stickers 

Monthly baby stickers are a way to document and track your baby’s growth as the months go by. Babies don’t remain at their newborn stage all the time, so it’d be nice to take a few pictures and remember how they look like, what their milestones are and how they are behaving or developing at this point.

happy animal monthly stickers / 20 Unique Baby Gifts And Gifts For New Parents
This pack of monthly stickers is unisex so both boys and girls can have their moments from birth recorded. Simply stick on the stickers and then snap a photo of the baby!

Wubbanub Pacifier Toy

It’s two days into their “dream” vacation and Mommy and Daddy Schneider – and Baby, too – are tired, cranky, and at their wit’s end. It’s 3:00 a.m. “How are we ever going to get that pacifier to stay put so we can all get some sleep?” whispers Daddy.

Suddenly, a smile crosses Mommy’s lips. Handing Baby to Daddy, she reaches for Baby’s pacifier…one of his plush toys…and a sewing kit…and sews the pacifier and the toy together – the WubbaNub™  is born! Baby takes the pacifier in his mouth and grasps the toy. Lo and behold, Baby drifts off and the pacifier stays put. 3:05 a.m.: all the Schneiders are sleeping soundly and they all lived happily ever after!

A soft toy and a pacifier all in one, you’d be meeting two needs at once!

3. Baby Bjorn Potty Chair

Show the baby and the new parents that you’re down for the dirty times by getting them this potty chair! 

baby bjorn potty chair

  • Sturdy and comfortable with a backrest.
  • Plenty of room for legs makes it easy to sit down and stand up
  • Easy to remove and clean inner potty
  • Splashguard prevents spills

4. Diaper Wallet

The Prada and Gucci wallets don’t need their own space anymore, the Diaper Wallets do. This is part of our 50 unique baby gifts and gifts for new parents because where else have you heard of a diaper wallet? Perfect for keeping just the essentials on hand, the portable diaper wallet is compact but can hold 3 disposable diapers OR one reusable diaper. It will also fit a pack of travel wipes, a tube of cream and a few other small essentials. Small in size but big in functionality.

little hilco diaper wallet / 20 unique baby gifts and gifts for new parents

5. Diapers

And if you’re getting the Diaper Wallet, why not get some diapers as well?

20 Unique Baby Gifts And Gifts For New Parents

As stated on www.pregnant.sg, diapers come in different sizes from 0 to 6, and each brand will offer some features. Here are some key differentiations:

  • Newborn diapers: For babies that still have their umbilical stumps, look for diapers that fold down so the waistband that doesn’t irritate the wound.
  • Overnight diapers: These are extra-absorbent diapers that last up to 12 hours at a time, reducing the need for night-time changes.
  • Diapers for sensitive skin: For babies who break out with nappy rash easily, you may need to buy diapers for sensitive skin, such as the Japanese GOO.N or Mamypoko diapers.
  • Pull-up pants: For older babies, this is the diaper you can use to start potty-training.

6. Changing table essentials

Maybe someone else got the diaper wallet or the diapers already, and so you’re looking to get some changing table essentials to help the new parents instead.

Some changing table essentials include having something to suck on – Sucking is soothing to babies — whether they’re newborns or sturdy six-month-olds — so if the little one is acting particularly peevish, pop a pacifier in her mouth. And once your baby starts teething (around the five-month mark), sucking or chewing on a teething ring will give her sore gums some relief.  Think about providing the new parent some hand sanitiser and hair ties or hair clips as well – these are all little gifts but will come in practical when the new parent is changing the child’s diapers.

hairties Top 20 Unique Baby Gifts And Gifts For New Parents

7. Brand’s Essence Of Chicken

BESC- Cordyceps - Top 20 Unique Baby Gifts And Gofts For New Parents
This box spells well-wishes and nutrition. It’s a wish of love for the new mother, as she takes good care of herself, she’ll be able to take good care of her child as well. It’s our top 50 unique baby gifts and gifts for new parents and we love it.

8. First Aid Kit

Rattles and pacifiers are cute, but they won’t be super handy in the event of a fever, or an insect bite or a sudden bout of nausea in the car.

Ensure your new parents don’t fall in between the cracks by gifting them a first aid kid made especially for their newborn! The container itself can be gotten from any shop that sells good, sturdy, plastic boxes.

[fusion_builder_container hundred_percent=”yes” overflow=”visible”][fusion_builder_row][fusion_builder_column type=”1_1″ background_position=”left top” background_color=”” border_size=”” border_color=”” border_style=”solid” spacing=”yes” background_image=”” background_repeat=”no-repeat” padding=”” margin_top=”0px” margin_bottom=”0px” class=”” id=”” animation_type=”” animation_speed=”0.3″ animation_direction=”left” hide_on_mobile=”no” center_content=”no” min_height=”none”]

First Aid Kit / 20 unique baby gifts and gifts for new parents

Picture from: http://voicethroughaphotograph.blogspot.sg/2012/11/baby-shower-gift-baby-first-aid-kit.html

Try and include these items in your first aid kit:
– Infant’s Ibuprofen (Motrin)
– Infant’s Acetaminophen (Tylenol)
– Little Noses (Saline drops)
– Vaseline (great for red sore skin!)
– Thermometer 
– Bandaids (In a cute kid print of course!) 
– Neosporin
– Children’s Benadryl-D
– Baby Q-tips
– Baby Vicks Chest Rub 
– Orajel
– Hand Sanitizer
– Finger Brush


9. Memory book

BABY_BOOK_ANIMAL_MOCKUP_lily / 20 Unique Baby Gifts And Gifts For New Parents
With everything online nowadays, keep memories differently by keeping it physically instead of electronically. This Memory Book  gives you a simple and beautiful way to document all your baby’s first moments! According to the website, this is what’s included:

  • 2 pre-baby pages for photos, ultrasound and note to baby
  • 3 pages for when baby arrives including a spot for footprints, a page to place birth announcement and hospital bracelet
  • 2 your world pages for a photo of home and how much things cost when baby was born
  • 12 pages of month documenting
  • 10 pages that include family tree, favorite things, many firsts including holidays, first scribble, etc.
  • 5 birthday pages
  • 1 first day of school page
  • 11 blank pages with embellishment.



10. Strawberry Shortcake Booties

If this baby is berry, berry precious to you, let the parents know by gifting a set of strawberry shortcake booties! Free shipping to Singapore included.

11. Finn + Emma Words 6 Piece Baby Gift

This 6 piece baby gift set has fresh prints, modern colours and is made with top quality.

Show the parents you care about their little one in quality!

12. Neckerchews

neckerchews14 / 20 Unique Baby Gifts And Gifts For New Parents
Neckerchews make for 50 unique baby gifts and gifts for new parents because it is the World’s first chewy dribble bib for teething tots. Bib made of super-soft jersey cotton with an absorbent middle layer to lock away moisture. It has a teether made from silicone that will never flake or peel, and comes in different colours!

13. Nursery Print Set 
This blue nursery print set is a simple piece that would add colour and beauty to the up-and-coming baby nursery. Light blue paint on a white canvas that tells the baby he/she is loved. Costs $11, and everyone loves wall art.


14.Sock Cupcake

This adorable sock cupcake can’t be eaten, but it makes gifting an otherwise ordinary pair of socks look special.

15.Self Stirring Mug

For all the late nights and daddy diaper duties and then heading to work right after, show the dads (and mum!) you love them by gifting them this self-stirring mug so they can use that extra 30 seconds of stirring and turn it into snoozing or taking deep breaths.


16. Set of mugs for Mum and Dad

coffee set of two mugs
Another alternative to that self-stirring mug, it’s two mugs for 2 awesome parents.

17. Carseat Cover

And when the new baby goes out for the first time, your car seat cover will shelter the new baby from any heat, cold or wind. And you’ll be thanked for it!

18. Circus Wall Stickers

circus wall stickers
If the parents haven’t had time to decorate or design the baby’s room, this set of stickers will be a welcome addition to spruce up the room! At $63.17, give a gift that stays! 

19. Gift cards

Now as a new parent, there will be considerably lesser time for them to shop. Getting them gift cards for a store online would mean that you’re thinking of them and their shopping needs, and how you consider they have lesser time now.

20. Personalised Heart Trinket Box

This heart trinket box can be personalised, so you can fit any words you’d want on them for the special mother you’re giving this to.

21.Crunchy Jellyfish Toy

If you want to try your hand at making something, try this.

All you need are:

  1. Sewing needle and/or sewing machine
  2. Sharp scissors
  3. Embroidery needle
  4. Chopstick or stuffing stick for turning and stuffingHandmade Jellyfish Plush Toy Pattern and Tutorial
    And this is the finished product.

22. Jellycat Soft Toys

Jellycat soft toys are every newborn baby’s best friend!

Choose from a fleecy-peesy lamb,


Or a pink bobtail bunny to show your love!

23. Mustache Pacifier

For the dads, if you cannot wait for your little man to grow up, maybe a mustache pacifier can speed things up

mustache pacifier / Top 50 Baby Gifts And Gifts For New Parents

Available here.

24. Ultra Clear Disposable Protective iPad Sleeves

protective sleeves iPad
It’s one of the better gifts to give because when baby starts growing and being able to use the iPad, you’re going to want to protect the iPad! Furthermore, these sleeves received a 4.5/5 rating.

25. Let The Fin Begin Bath Robe

This bath robe can fit babies till they’re 9 months old.

blue terry shark robe

So instead of gifting towels that can be bought everywhere, try this special robe instead.

26. Shark Family Bath Toy 

It could be a few months before this shark family bath toy is used, but oh the fun it will provide when it’s being used!

27. Sights And Sounds Travel Toy 

or over 30 years, Manhattan Toy has been making award winning, high quality, visually appealing toys for babies, toddlers, and kids. Manhattan Toy offers more than 500 exclusive, original product designs distributed and sold worldwide through specialty retail stores, catalogs and websites and this Sights And Sounds Travel Toy is one of them. You can buy it from Amazon and have it ship to Singapore!


28. Infant bed wetting alarm

This is a gift for the new parents because as the young baby is weaned off diapers and transiting to being toilet trained,  DRI Sleeper is a small device, placed in their underclothes, that wakes the child with an alarm when it detects a small amount of urine.  This will train the child’s brain to wake when they need to go the bathroom.  They also offer a version that simultaneously sounds an alarm in another room to alert a parent.

29. Fatherhood Advice.

As your friend embarks on a new journey of fatherhood, support him by giving them a book they can read as they try and be a better father to their child.


30. Parent Hacks

This book of parent hacks would most likely find a treasured spot on the bookshelf as well.

parent hacks

31. Breakfast

As they’re busy being great parents for the first time, they’re more than likely to skip breakfast. If you have friends who want to bring food over for them, chances are, lunch and dinner are already covered. Make the difference by providing breakfast instead.

Homemade granola, Greek yogurt, frittatas, quiches, muffins, banana bread, bagels, and breakfast burritos are all great options here. Also, oatmeal is thought to be an excellent galactagogue, so a pot of oatmeal would also be great, and it would last all week. (You could also make your new mom friend a week’s worth of single-serving oatmeal in jars!)

32. Video/Still Camera

Get a large group of friends and pool your funds together to buy a camera for the new family! Sure, the iPhone 6 and latest Android device can capture moments beautifully, but what beats a professional camera?

33. Subscribe to Netflix for them!

Everyone’s been into “Netflix and Chill” nowadays. Help the new parents unwind in their pockets of free time with a Netflix subscription.

34. Laundry detergent

Just as you would get diapers and clothes for your friends who are new parents, consider getting them laundry detergent as well for all the diapers and clothes they will need to wash and wash and re-wash. And don’t stop at 1 bottle, buy 4 or even 5. Laundry detergent is always going to be in use.

35. Portable Charger

The new parents might not remember to charge their phones every night, given they’re so busy with the new baby. Buy them a portable charger that they can take on the go so they can charge their phone.

The Sanyo Eneloop is a good portable charger.

Sanyo Eneloop

36. A night light
ellen elephant baby night light

A night light in the baby room helps your baby and toddler sleep in different ways:

  1. It’s reassuring in the dark: especially helpful during baby separation anxiety phases
  1. Minimal arousal at night awakenings: critical for more and better sleep for baby and you.

37. Essential Oil Burner

Whether it be for the new baby or for the mother, an essential oil burner can prove useful. Buy yours here.

38. Essential Oils

German Chamomile Oil can aid in helping diaper rash. Add one drop German Chamomile essential oil and one drop Lavender essential oil to a pint of warm water. Store in a clean jar. Dip a cotton ball into the mixture and use to wipe baby’s bottom. Buy essential oils here.

39. Munchkin Baby Food Grinder

Munchkin baby food grinder

Credit: Munchkin.

So for the first 6 months of his/her life, the baby will be mostly consuming milk. But when it’s time for the baby to consume solid food, this light and portable, easy to clean, BPA-free, dishwasher-safe device can turn whatever adult food is being served at dinner into instant baby food, no electricity needed.

40. Wireless Smart Kid Scale

As the newborn baby is growing, the parents will naturally have worries and doubts as to whether the baby is eating enough, growing enough, eating too much or eating too little?

This high-tech scale shares the data of the baby weight directly to their parent’s smartphone or desktop computer. Then they will be free to track their baby development through time. The charts available through this ground breaking application will be as fun as it can be addictive. The wireless smart kid scale is available through Withings for $179.95. A little pricey, but with the cost split amongst a few friends, it could work.

41. Temperature controlled onesie

For a really outstanding onesie, try this.
Doctors agree that 37 degrees (or 98.6°F) is the optimum temperature for any baby’s health. Babies cannot regulate their temperature as easy as adults because they are not fully developed yet. This cute onesie has packed high-tech smart fabric from NASA in order to give you the best solution for temperature control. Ahalife ships it from London, UK for only $50, it’s currently trending as one of the best modern baby shower gifts 2015! The space design is also lovely.

temperature controlled onesie

42. Diaper Caddy

50 Unique Baby Gifts And Gifts For New Parents

Some parents prefer to store the diapers in shelves and drawers which can be easily retrieved. For easy access, stock taking and storage, having this caddy by the changing table will make things easier.

43. Spa Vouchers 

Reward the new mother with spa vouchers that she can redeem and reward herself with. Adeva Spa has 3  different voucher options with 8 distinct spa treatments for you and your recipient to choose from. All gift vouchers are beautifully presented in their signature gift card holder.

44. Pedicure Certificate

If you know how to paint nails, an at-home pedicure certificate is a lovely way to pamper the new mom. It takes the stress out of having to bring the baby to a salon too.

45. Swipe Baby Wipes Case

If the parents are already planning to be adventurous with their new one and take their child out on family outings or overseas, this swipe wipes case that can be bought from Amazon will be a lifesaver at getting rid of germs and keeping baby and places clean.

46. Nursery Beanie Hospital Hat 

This hat can fit babies who came out earlier, and are also very stretchy, so they can remain in use for a long time.
Nursery Beanie Hospital Hat / 50 unique baby gifts and gifts for new parents

47. Rompers – Carter’s Baby Romper – I’m Cute Dad’s Lucky

A thousand baby headbands and hair clips are nice, but they’ll always remain as baby headbands and hair clips – accessories. Get the new baby a romper or two, or three.

I'm Cute Dad's Lucky Carters Romper

48. Diaper Cakes 

Alternatively, if getting a romper, a headband, a soft toy and other baby essentials is too much for you, consider getting a Diaper Cake!

Mommys-Prince-Charming-1-Diaper-Cake / 50 Unique Baby Gifts And Gifts For New Parents

2 Tier Care Bear Diaper Cake


With different designs and tiers, Diaper Cakes guarantees you won’t end up with the same design as anyone else at your baby gathering, and every Diaper Cake contains diapers, baby shoes, a soft toy, a blanket and a romper. For example, the 2 Tier Diaper Cake contains:

  • 25 “Huggies Total Protection” Disposable Diapers M Size (Suitable for babies 5-10 kg)
  • 1 Pair of Pre-Walker Shoes (Size 6-12 months)
  • 1 Eeyore Soft Toy Cake Topper (soft toy might differ from image)
  • 1 Dog “Chick Magnet” Long Sleeved Romper / Bodysuit
  • 1 Receiving Blanket
  • 1 Pair of Socks
  • 1 Bib


49. Purpose Built, Bike & Stroller in 1

If price isn’t an issue, this is the perfect for health junkie dads who like cycling and want to keep their baby close too.
Bike And Stroller Baby Shower Gifts
Available from http://www.tagabikes.com/shop.asp

50. Comfy slippers

Shuffling around the house for weeks on end, running to tend to baby here and there, a new comfy pair of slippers will be a nice luxury for an exhausted mom or dad.

Every gift is a good gift. For everything else, there’s Diaper Cakes. 

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