Send A Mickey Mouse Baby Gift with Free Delivery by Diaper Cakes Singapore

Oh Mickey you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blew my mind, hey Mickey! Our all time favourite mouse dominates the look and feel of our diaper cakes in this Mickey Mouse baby gift series of mini diaper cakes, 1-tier, 2-tier and 3-tier diaper cakes.

Perfect Mickey Mouse Baby Gift Diaper Cakes Singapore

Every diaper cake in this handsome series has a Mickey Mouse plush toy adorning either the top or the side of baby gift hamper.  At Diaper Cakes Singapore, we take pride in curating and making the most eye-catching and beautiful baby gift hampers in Singapore.  So whether you are looking for a last minute baby gift for a baby shower this weekend, or want something useful yet cute for a newborn baby in the family, we got you covered with our wide range of handmade diaper cakes baby gift hampers.

Looking for a Mickey Mouse baby gift hamper or baby shower gift? Find them at Diaper Cakes Singapore.  We have the widest range of Mickey Mouse baby gifts, from Mickey Mouse themed diaper cakes to Mickey Mouse plush toys and socks.  Even Mickey Mouse baby blankets and baby socks!  We can also customize your diaper cake with everything Mickey Mouse as a baby gift for the newborn baby boy.  For example, we have 2 tier Mickey Mouse diaper cakes that consists of Mickey Mouse swaddling blanket, Mickey Mouse baby onesie, Mickey Mouse pre-walker baby shoes and Mickey Mouse soft toys.  Perfect for the Mickey Mouse lover who would be delighted to receive your Mickey Mouse baby gift.

Mickey Mouse Baby Gift Free Delivery in Singapore by Diaper Cakes Singapore

All our Diaper Cakes can also be delivered free next day. So if you order your Diaper Cake today, we can deliver it the next day.  Need a diaper cake baby gift urgently? We got you covered. Our Diaper Cakes can also be express delivered anywhere in Singapore within the same day for additional $10.

We make our Diaper Cakes look good so you, the sender, can look good too!  A last minute baby gift can look good and be practical with Diaper Cakes Singapore.