Pink Teddy On Bike Diaper Cake

Perfect Newborn Baby Gifts from Diaper Cakes Singapore

If you are frantically searching for newborn baby gifts for a baby shower that you have to attend tomorrow, look no further.  Our beautiful diaper cake baby hampers make excellent baby gifts for a newborn baby, be it a baby boy or baby girl.   Last minute baby gifts don’t have to be haphazard or tardy.  The arrival of a chubby newborn baby is a wonderful occasion that should be celebrated with a beautiful but practical newborn baby gift.   Be the only one to stand out with our impressive and useful diaper cakes.  Not only should we dress to impress, we should also gift to impress!

Newborn Baby Gifts Don’t Have To Be Boring!

Gone are the days where we only give red packets or boxy clothing gift sets as newborn baby gifts to new parents.  Baby gifts these days are much more creative.  But creative doesn’t mean it’s all just looks.  At Diaper Cakes Singapore, we pride ourself in making newborn baby gifts that not only look good, but are useful for the new parents too.  So the baby and new mother can use every single item in our diaper cakes.  In fact, the baby gifts in this page are all very creative and doesn’t look like newborn baby gifts at all!

Free Delivery For Newborn Baby Gifts Diaper Cakes

Order your newborn baby gifts on our website, and enjoy free delivery the next day.  Our professional team of courier drivers will do their best to ensure you receive the diaper cake newborn baby gift on time in good condition. We also provide same day delivery if you need a last minute gift urgently.  Our newborn baby gifts start from as low as $52 with no GST or additional delivery costs.

Cute and Practical Newborn Baby Gifts

We don’t waste your hard earned money on cardboard paper and art card cut outs, confetti and ribbons just to make the diaper cake look beautiful.  We strike a good balance between practicality and aesthetics.  So all items used to make the diaper cake are useful, especially the diapers.  At the same time, we make sure looks are not sacrificed in making the newborn baby gift practical. So we have the prettiest and most impressive packaging in the market.

In fact, the most useless item in our diaper cake would be the beautiful and impressive looking gift box. = )

New to buying newborn baby gifts online? No problem! If you have any questions or wish to customize your newborn baby gifts, simply drop us a message at