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What is a Diaper Cake?

A diaper cake is a cute & memorable baby gift.

A diaper cake is not something you eat! Instead, it made up of common baby items such as: diapers, rompers, shoes, socks and bibs. These items are then put together by hand to resemble the shape of a cake.


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8 Reasons Why Our Diaper Cakes Make a Great Baby Gift

  1. At 46cm high, it looks very impressive with our gift box packaging
  2. It comes beautifully packaged and can be easily carried
  3. We can deliver within 48 hours or even same day delivery for additional surcharge
  4. All items in the diaper cake are reusable, making it a cute and practical baby gift
  5. You can choose to personalise the diaper cake with the baby’s name.
  6. It’s handmade in Singapore
  7. It’s a great gift for management to show their appreciation to their staff
  8. It’s a gift that can be shared amongst colleagues


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