Insanely Cute Baby Shower Party Prizes!

At a baby shower, besides all the food and presents, there will be games and prizes as well. Look no further for ideas on what makes a great prize!


1. Sweet Treats 

Candy, such as chocolate, mints and jelly beans, is a sweet favor that most guests enjoy as prizes. Other tasty treats given at baby showers include cupcakes, glazed nuts and dried fruits. A favor bag with a variety of treats inside is another idea for baby shower prizes and don’t take long to prepare. If you’ve been to FairPrice or Giant or Valudollar, you know that buying candy in bulk really doesn’t take much on your wallet.

Baby Shower Party Prizes
2. Pamper your guests

There are many options for bath and beauty prizes at a baby shower. Bath confetti or salts (Available from Sephora), soaps and lotions are the perfect rewards for making guests feel pampered. Mirror compacts are useful favors or prizes for guests. Nail polish in different shades and manicure tools are also appreciated as prizes. Lipstick, eye shadows and eye liners are some make-up options that go well with cosmetic bags. Cheat tip: Sometimes buying lots of makeup at Sephora entitles you to get free samples, so the next time you are going on a spree, keep this secret in mind!!!

Baby Shower Party Prizes



Baby Shower Party Prizes

(Some Sephora samples you can look out for)

3. Kitchen tools

Kitchen utensils, such as baby-themed cooking timers, ice cream scoops and cookie cutters are some common baby shower prizes. (But will only be appreciated if your fellow party guests are parents themselves)

Baby Shower Party Prizes

You could even think of packaging cute ice cream toppings in addition to giving the ice cream scoop.

Other kitchen tools such as bottle openers and wine stoppers are also practical ideas for prizes. In addition, photo frames, photo albums and other photo favors are useful items that guests can keep as a memory of the occasion.

4. Grow your own!

Alternatively, grow your own. (Plant, that is.) Find a colorful pot and fill it with an inexpensive trowel, garden gloves and a packet of seeds, including “baby’s breath” seeds if you can find them.

Wrap the entire thing in pink or blue cellophane and tie with a ribbon.

Baby Shower Party Prizes img_0086

5. Note cards.

Even with the reliance on e-mail today, you can never have too many note cards. For a baby-shower prize, you can provide a packet of note cards from any major retailer or card store or, better yet, make your own, to add that customisation!!


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