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Diaper Cakes Singapore: Best Gift Ideas

Diaper cakes: ever heard of them before? Looking for a special baby gift for new parents can be challenging if you don’t have an idea. A diaper cake is perhaps one of the best and most creative gift ideas that you should consider. We at Diaper Cakes Singapore have everything you’re looking for!

What exactly is a diaper cake?

Before you head out to your neighbourhood dessert shop or bakery, let us clarify. A diaper cake is actually NOT an edible cake. The baby gifts and products at diaper cake Singapore are designed and made with disposable diapers, clothes, socks, and shoes, and other useful baby items, and shaped into a tiered cake.

These useful baby items are put together to create a festive and special baby gift for new parents. Diaper cakes are very practical and unexpected. Newborn parents will surely love your creativity and make them feel that you have personally handpicked the items as a special touch.

Gift Ideas from Diaper Cakes Singapore

Here are some gift ideas from Diaper Cakes Singapore that you could consider gifting to new mommies and daddies.

Diaper Cakes For Baby Boys

A Mickey Mouse diaper cake is a great idea to give new parents if their child is a boy. Who doesn’t love Mickey right?

This 2-tier baby gift hamper is hand made with disposable diapers, socks, shoes, romper, blanket, bib, Mickey Mouse toy, and packaged in a gift box that’s 46cm tall. It’s super cute and adorable. Parents will indeed cherish your gift as it is unique, thoughtful and totally practical!

Diaper cakes For Baby Girls

Parents will definitely enjoy receiving a mini diaper cake for their little darling. Our range of Mini Diaper Cakes are small in size but big in thoughtfulness! This Diaper Cake baby gift set comes with disposable diapers, a love a lot pink Care Bear plush toy, a pair of socks, and a onesie with the slogan “My Name is Princess Fussy-Pants” printed on it.   This little package will surely put smiles to new moms and dads.

Soft / Plush toys

Another great idea is to give a newborn baby some soft toys to play with.  A set of plush animals such as Winnie the Pooh and Friends can help keep the baby company so that mommy and daddy can rest for a few minutes.  Each character is designed with a height of 8 inches. You can buy all four characters (Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, and Eeyore) so that the baby can have more friends to play with. These little plush toys are soft and gentle on the baby’s skin.


ugg-dino-plush-greenMy-First-Dolly-13-inch-Doll-Soft-Toys-G059033G4030269 Gund Snuffles Tan 10 Inches

At Diaper Cakes Singapore, we have a whole range of plush toys for you to choose from.  From super cute and cuddly Teddy bears, to little dolls (for the girls) and dinosaurs (for the boys).  Our favourite are those from Baby GUND, as the range of soft toys are all baby safe with no protruding hard parts that maybe hazardous for the baby or the older sibling.

Personalised Onesies

This cute owl personalized name baby onesie is one of our favourites. You can choose from a variety of onesies such as cute animals including owls, deer, bears, chicks, and other adorable characters. There are also other designs available to match the baby’s gender.

Baby girls have options such as flowers, hearts, and wreaths while boys can choose from a variety of statement onesies such as “Captain Adorable.” You can have any of our rompers personalised. You just have to indicate the name of the baby and size in the order form.

Baby Feeding Products

There are tons of feeding accessories to match every baby’s need. You can pick from a selection of cute and adorable animal bibs to add a bit of whimsical colour during the baby’s eating time.

For bigger babies, you can shop for a small plate, tiny fork and spoon, and a mini water bottle. These accessories are all available at Diaper Cakes Singapore.

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