Too Cute Baby Gift, 2 Tier “Daddy’s Little Cupcake” Diaper Cake For Baby Girl

By Diaper Cakes Singapore

Having a baby is a life-changer. It gives you a whole other perspective on why you wake up every day.

Here’s 2-tier Pink Sakura Care Bear “Daddy’s Little Cupcake” Diaper Cake for Baby girl! Happy parenting, Daddy Daniel!


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This 2-tier Diaper Cake consists of the following:

– 25 pcs Huggies M size Disposable Diapers

– 1 Short Sleeved “Daddy’s Little Cupcake” Romper

– 1 Pair Mother Care Socks

– 1 Receiving Blanket

– 1 Pair Mother Care Pre-walker Shoes

– 1 Baby Bib

– 1 Pink Sakura Care Bear Soft Toy Cake Topper

Personalized with pretty ribbon and wrapped in 46cm white and purple premium gift box.

Thank you Ruoxi for your support!

2-tier-diaper-cake-care-bear-daddys-little-cupcake-1 2-tier-care-bear-daddys-little-cupcake-2

A cute and memorable baby gift is possible with Diaper Cakes. Have a practically perfect baby gift for your special one now!

Same day delivery available as well. Contact +65 9766 0661.

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