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8 Unique Unicorn Soft Toy and Baby Gifts


The unicorn is a legendary creature that has been described since antiquity as a beast with a single large, pointed, spiraling horn projecting from its forehead.

At Diaper Cakes Singapore, we have all things cute and magical, for little girls who are equally cute and magical!

Here’s a list of 8 unique unicorn soft toy and unicorn baby gifts that will delight your recipients (young and old alike).

1. Unicorn Soft Toy Pillow 🦄

We love these pastel range of unicorn soft toy pillows and cushions that are great as birthday gifts for little girls.  For the little girl in some of us, these cushions make a great ornament in the living room sofas too.

Available in 2 shapes, a u-shaped unicorn neck pillow (great for road trips or on the plane), or a rectangular pillow cushion with a unicorn head on top and feet below. The u-shaped neck pillow has colourful ribbon labels as the unicorn’s mane, so it’s perfect for the little one who loves to play with labels!  Prices start from SGD$17.90.

My favourite colour?  Pink of course!

  Unicorn Cushion PillowUnicorn Neck Cushion

Unicorn Neck Cushion Pillow 2 Unicorn Neck Cushion Pillow 2


2. Unicorn Soft Towel 🦄

These fleece unicorn towels are so soft they are perfect for keeping your baby warm at night. Or as a swaddling blanket to wrap your newborn baby in.  Suitable as a bath towel to dry the little ones after they are all nice and clean! Only SGD$17.90 each.

Unicorn Towel 3 Unicorn Towel 3 Unicorn Towel 3


3. Unicorn Soft Toy Towel Baby Gift 🦄

We love these adorable unicorn soft toy and towel combination! Perfect as a simple baby shower gift, or as a decoration at a baby shower party that can be used later. Great for a unicorn themed baby shower too.

This unicorn soft toy baby gift features a small unicorn soft toy hugging a piece of rolled up fleece blanket.

Available in two types: the sitting unicorn version or standing unicorn soft toy version.  From SGD$19.90 each.     Unicorn Baby Gift TowelBlue Unicorn Baby Gift TowelUnicorn with towel   

4. Unicorn Soft Toys 🦄

Diaper Cakes Singapore and our sister company, Nature’s Collection has the widest range of Unicorn soft toys and everything else that’s unicorn and soft.  If you are looking for something unicorn, from unicorn plush toys, to unicorn keychains and even unicorn bedroom slippers, we got you covered.

This huge 40cm tall unicorn soft toy is gonna be a delightful gift for a squealing little girl whose bedroom is full of unicorn toys.

Pair this unicorn soft toy with an equally cute pair of 12 inch unicorn bedroom slippers below!


Pusheen loves take note! Now you can get the unicorn version here with this cute 13 inch rainbow Pusheenicorn plush toy.


5. Unicorn Musical Soft Toy and Rattle 🦄

If you prefer something a little bit special, here are some unicorn soft toys that either rattles or plays music.

This 10” pull string musical Unicorn soft toy from GUND plays Brahm’s Lullaby when string with golden, satin star is pulled. Loop included for easy hanging.


GUND also have a wonderful range of unicorn soft rattle toys in 4 inch and 7 inch sizes, as well as a key wind 9 inch tall unicorn toy.

Luna Unicorn Musical Plush Toy

6. Unicorn Soft Toy Baby Gift Sets 🦄

Looking for a unicorn soft toy baby gift? Diaper Cakes Singapore has the perfect one for you.

Available in a pink basket version, or a unicorn gift box set, these 2 unicorn baby gift sets are designed to impress your recipient. Our baby gifts look good so you, the sender, can look good too!

Unicorn Baby Gift Box

7. Unicorn Diaper Cakes Baby Gifts 🦄

Our trademark product, Diaper Cakes are the most awesome way of wrapping disposable diapers and baby wear into a baby gift hamper.  Here are some of our best selling unicorn inspired diaper cakes.  Prices start from SGD$99.00 each with free local delivery.

1 Tier Boo Unicorn Soft Toy Baby Gift Lucky Unicorn Baby Gift Diaper Cake 1 Tier Unicorn Diaper Cake baby gift 1

8. Unicorn Baby Onesies🦄

Want to dress your baby girl in a unicorn onesie or romper?  We do personalised unicorn onesies too.

Prices start from $29.90 each. Simply choose the design from our website, give us your baby’s name, and Boom! Order placed.  It’s that simple.

Pink Unicorn Onesie 4 Happy Unicorn Baby Onesie White Unicorn Onesie 1

So there you go, a whole host of unicorn items that would make great gifts for the young and old.  You don’t need a miracle to see a unicorn!


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