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5 Roaring Dinosaur Toys and Baby Gifts You Would Rave About

“Dinosaur”! is the only word that Peppa Pig’s brother George, would utter. And for good reason too.  We have compiled a list of 5 dinosaur toys and baby gifts that you would definitely rave about.  Because they are so cute!  And educational too.

Dinosaurs make learning history fun for the little ones.  So make a little boy roar with delight with these one of a kind dinosaur toys and baby gifts.  We even threw in some kids furniture too, for the boy whose bedroom is all decked out in dinosaur. You’re welcome.

1. Dinosaur Toy Puzzles

Puzzle Doubles Find It! DinosaursLJ719855-Puzzle-Doubles-Find-It-Dinosaurs

These Dinosaur Puzzles are not like the common ones you see in the retail stores these days.  These ones  doubles up as two great products in one! Each Find It! Puzzle in the Puzzle Doubles series includes a giant 50- piece 2′ x 3′ beautifully illustrated talk about floor puzzle- After the puzzle is assembled, it becomes a game! Also included with each puzzle are two- sided game pieces that match the objects located on the puzzle s border- You can play the game in two ways: Object Recognition – by having the child place a game piece over the object on the border once it is located in.  Talk about giving a gift with educational value!


This dinosaur puzzle is for the little ones.  Perfect for ages 2 and above, this colourful set of 15 dinosaur themed puzzle cards provides children with an excellent introduction to their favourite dinosaur creature. Each card features a picture of a unique dinosaur.  Children will learn to recognise many different dinosaurs by simply matching the correct pieces to complete the puzzle.  Plus! The puzzles are self-correcting as no two puzzle cuts are the same.  This feature gives the little ones a boost of confidence when they are able to fix the pieces on their own.

2. Soft Dinosaur Toys Related image

Dinosaur toys don’t have to be all scary and realistic.  They can be cute and fluffy too.  And suitable for girls as well.  Check out these cute range of  GUND dinosaur plush toys.


Still a sucker for realistic looking dinosaur toys? Here’s a 14 inch long Triceratops Plush Toy for you.

Gund Diesyl Triceratops Plush Toy 14"

These cutie dinosaur sound toys make a realistic (but not too scary) roaring sound when pressed! Check out this video.


3. Dinosaur Toys Baby Gifts T-Rex on Emojipedia 5.2

Searching for a dinosaur baby gift for an upcoming baby shower? At Diaper Cakes Singapore, we have the perfect solution for you.  With our range of dinosaur toys baby gift sets and dinosaur toy diaper cakes, you are definitely going to find one that suits your budget.

Be warned, some of the dinosaur toys on our diaper cakes make real roaring noises too.

 Green Dinosaur Boy Baby Shower Gift Set 2 Blue Triceratops Dinosaur Diaper Cake Red Stegosaurus Dinosaur Diaper Cake

4. Dinosaur Baby Onesies

Holding a dinosaur themed baby shower of first birthday party? Dress up the star of the day with our personalised dinosaur baby onesies. Perfect for that Instagram picture.

Be Beautiful Dinosaur Baby Onesie Be brave Dinosaur personalized Onesie Be brave and fly dinosaur baby onesie

5. Dinosaur Toy FurnitureImage result for dinosaur emoji

A perfect addition to the little boy’s dinosaur themed bedroom, these quality Dinosaur wooden furniture from Teamson are built to last.  And fun to look at too.  From clothes hanger, to a toy box and even a dinosaur wooden rocking toy, have fun decorating the room!

Teamson Kids Furniture Dinosaur Clothes Stand Dinosaur-Toy-Box-TD0074A Rocking-Dinosaur-TD0077A

Hope you have a “Roaring” time shopping for dinosaur toys on Diaper Cakes Singapore!

Don’t like Dinosaurs?  Here are some great baby gift ideas for boys too.

Baby Gifts and Hampers for boys

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