5 Most Popular Full Month Celebration Gifts

What joyous occasion is complete without a gift to commemorate the occasion? Whether you are planning a full month party or simply attending one to partake in the joy, here are some thoughtful gifts worth having.

1. Baby Clothes 

Genius Baby Onesie

It’s never too early to start being a fashionista. No need to wait till baby is in their teenage years to start looking hip (Also by then, clothes at the shopping malls would cost a bomb) You know the sex of the baby, so you don’t need to stick to simple, gender-neutral clothes. Bring on the shades of pink, magenta, coral, crimson, and hues of sapphire, sky blue and baby blue! Online shops like Diaper Cakes, Lazada and Qoo10 provide options as well for the Internet shopper!

Want something more special, check out our personalised onesies section. If you have a desired image that you want to have printed, send it over to us at Contact@DiaperCakes.sg and let us work some magic!

2. A cut-out/painting of the baby’s name

Since the parents will be calling the little one’s name for years to come, why not hand-make a painting or a cute, kid-friendly cut-out of the baby’s name from crepe paper, construction paper, anywhere your imagination takes you to? Your artpiece would probably be displayed as a center piece too.  These wooden name cut-outs from Amazon are both classy and afforadable too.

3. Activity mat

The baby won’t be crawling around anytime soon, so why not get him/her an activity mat that will entertain and stimulate him? The baby’s delightful coos and shrieks of laughter will be all thanks to you.

This 3-in-1 interactive versatile Gymini® grows with your baby.  With extraordinarily versatile baby activity mat with modular arches that create 3 modes of use that encourage the development of fine and gross motor skills from birth to toddlerhood.

4. Gifts for mom

Don’t forget about the mother, for without her, there would be no baby to begin with. Herbal medicine, drinks, spa and facial massage vouchers, or even a practical, carry-all bag for her to bring around as she brings the baby out will earn you a sincere thank you from the deserving mother.  Even a bouquet of flowers would cheer her up for sure!

5. Practical Baby Gifts, Like Diaper Cakes!

Mini Piglet Soft Toy Diaper Cake 23 Tier Minnie Mouse Baby Gift Diaper Cake

If you are a new mom, what do you think is the most practical item for your new baby?  Diapers of course! Whether it’s cloth or disposable, all new parents need diapers.. and lots of it!  But just giving diapers is boring and not presentable at all.  Can you imagine your bag of diapers being displayed on the baby shower table? With a little card attached to it and your name on it?  Although practical, and i am sure the new parents would appreciate it very much, it would not stand out as the cutest gift at the hospital,  baby shower or full month celebration party.

Our diaper cakes use diapers as the core “ingredient” in its creation, and comes packed in an exclusive and very impressive gift box. So that makes diaper cakes the most practical baby gift you can give to a new mom or dad.

We have different sizes to fit every budget from $53 mini diaper cakes to our magnificent 3 tier diaper cakes at $199. Free local delivery too!

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