5 Baby Shower Gifts

5 Baby Shower Gifts I Would Give To Myself (If I have a third one coming!)

Baby shower gifts these days are quite a far cry from what those I received for my baby showers several years ago.  A baby hamper today may not even look like a baby gift you present to new presents on the birth of their newborn child.  Heck, some of these baby hampers don’t even look like hampers, they look like food you eat!  Like the sushi diaper cakes. Oh my goodness. They look so good i wouldn’t bear to open it.

I already have 2 girls, but i love parties and gifts, so I really wouldn’t mind having a third baby just so i can throw another baby shower (okay, maybe i’m exaggerating a bit here) or have another reason to celebrate.

So short of coming up with a gift registry for my guests, here’s a list of 5 baby shower gifts i would love to receive IF i have a third baby.  But for the record, i’m not. Well, not yet anyway.

1. Diaper Cakes Baby Shower Gifts

A Diaper cake is the “in” thing to give these days if you are looking for a baby shower gift.   They are simply a creative way of packing disposable diapers and other baby wear into a tiered shaped cake hamper.  These babies look so yummy you won’t bear to open them.  But every item used to make the diaper cake is practical and useful, especially the diapers! Diapers are one of the most important items a new mother needs in the first few months.

There are many diaper cake sellers in the market these days, but Diaper Cakes Singapore is the ONLY one with an impressive gift box packaging that stands out from all the rest.  We also have the widest range of designs and offer same day delivery or collection.

3 Tier Girl Diaper Cake box   Adeline Baby Gift Box Diaper Cake

Here are our range of Diaper Cakes from our best selling 2 tier diaper cake to the towering 3 tier “Rolls Royce” version .

3 Tier Pink Unicorn Plush Toy Diaper Cake Blue Triceratops Dinosaur Diaper Cake 3 1 Tier Boo Unicorn Soft Toy Baby Gift

Diaper Cakes do not just refer to the cake-like hampers, they can also refer to these cute versions too.   From a motorbike (below), to a train or even a beautiful carousel, the sky’s the limit when it comes to using disposable diapers to craft out a unique baby shower gift.  I would love to receive one of this as my baby shower gift. Makes for a great table decor or center piece too!

Pink Teddy On Bike Diaper Cake Blue Teddy On Bike Diaper Cake

2. Anything unicorn! (If it’s a girl)

I love unicorns!  Which girl doesn’t?  Especially if it comes in such an adorable range like the GUND Luna Unicorn collection below.  With our wide range of unicorn plush toys and diaper cakes baby shower gift hampers, there’s a unicorn for every baby (and mommy too!)

Baby-Gund-Luna-Pullstring-Musical-Unicorn-soft-toy Luna Unicorn Musical Plush Toy

We especially love this unicorn themed baby shower gift basket.  With all things pink and unicorn, this gift basket is so pretty, and practical too. Everything in the basket can be used by the baby. And the basket can be reused when emptied to put fruits or baby essentials in the nursery.

3. A Spa Retreat

spa lady

Every new mommy wants a break from the crying and constantly hungry newborn baby. What better way to pamper her than with a spa retreat.  The one thing i love about my confinement period, are the home massages by the Jamu massage lady who does wonders to rid my post-pregnancy tummy.   And all in the comfort of my own home.  Of course, nothing beats the ambience of a professional top notch spa with their water features, aromatherapy and soothing music.   So yes, please get me a spa package voucher for my next baby shower gift.  Thank you very much!

4. A Stylish Baby Bag


Why is it so hard to get a baby diaper bag that’s both practical and stylish?? For my first born, i was stuck with the baby bag that the hospital provided us upon discharge.  It’s so practical that I couldn’t bear to switch to the other more stylish baby bag that i bought.  Even though that means I have to lug around an ugly brownish sling bag with the words “Thomson Medical” printed on it. I could put so many things in that bag, and they have spacious side compartments too that’s perfect for stuffing the milk bottles.

There are so many posts on stylish baby bags, with images of celebrities carrying these supposedly stylish diaper bags in one hand and their babies in the other.  But somehow, none of these bags strike me as both stylish and practical.  To be honest, i don’t have a particular design in mind. I guess I’m the customer who still don’t know that they want until it’s available in the market. Kinda like what Steve Jobs said about the ipad / iphone.  I need something that is like a backpack, rather than a sling bag.  Cause i need both hands free. Duh!  The sling bag just doesn’t quite make it since i’m kinda still one side busy.  And this baby backpack need to have enough compartments to put all the baby essentials, yet not look bulky when filled.   Lastly, it needs to look stylish.  Like “really” stylish.  Not the kinds that would make me look like a overburdened mother (with baby carrier in front and big bag behind), or a young schoolgirl kinda backpack that makes me look like an unwed or underage mother.  This one’s a challenge i know!

5. Super Luxurious Bed Sheets

Luxurious Bedsheets

I LOVE my bedsheets. After all, you spend one third of your life sleeping.  So I think we should sleep luxuriously. Especially after you just had a baby! Of course, having a super good looking bed frame would be a bonus. But if not, luxurious bedsheets are good enough.  And I’m talking about at least 1000 thread count and above.  I love the budget friendly sheets from Akemi Uchi. Especially their ProModal range.  The sheets are so smooth and silky to the touch i have difficulty getting out of bed every morning.. LOL!

Okay! Here’s my short list of 5 baby shower gifts i would love to give myself (or receive) if i had another baby.  Time to send this post to my close friends.  Cheers.

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