3 reasons why we love dolls

3 Reasons Why We Love These Baby Doll Toys

Dolls are a girl’s best friend.  You may disagree, and say it’s diamonds instead.  But when we were little, and the world was much simpler, plush toys, especially dolls ARE indeed our best friends.

At Diaper Cakes Singapore and Nature’s Collection, we strive to bring you the widest range of soft toys and baby gifts you can find online.  So rest assured you will get a dolly that baby loves.  Here are 3 reasons why we love their dolls.

1. They are baby safe.

These My First Dolly baby doll plush toys from GUND are the most suitable for baby.  There are no embellishments or items that pop out of the doll, hence it’s absolutely baby safe.  The doll’s eyes for example, are sewn into the fabric.  They even come in two designs!

My-First-Dolly-13-inch-Doll-Soft-Toys-G059033Baby Gund Sweet Dolly

Check out this video to see a 360 view of the dolly plush.


2. They rattle and talk!

Want a doll that is more interactive for baby?  Babies love rattle toys. So we have the dolls rattle to make them more interesting for playtime!   These 7 inch dolly toys come in blonde or brunette, and rattles softly when you shake it.

My-1st-Dolly-Small-Brunette-Doll-Soft-Toys-G4053917 My-1st-Dolly-Small-Blonde-Doll-Soft-Toys-G4053916

You can choose to up the interaction level with this Peek A Boo Dolly from GUND.  This dolly holds a sweet pink blanket and plays Peek A Boo with baby too!

3. They are used in our Diaper Cakes and Baby gift sets

With all these good stuff, we definitely must include these cute and baby safe dolls in our baby gift hampers and baby gift sets too.  From our basic 1-tier dolly diaper cake, to a magnificent stroller and dolly diaper hamper handmade with love.

Here are some of the wonderful creations we have made using the dolls and doll plush toys as the highlight of the baby gifts.

Dolly Stroller Baby Giftt Diaper Cake Dolly Baby Gift Set 3 Mommy and Dolly Baby Gift Diaper Cake 1 Tier My First Dolly Baby Gift Diaper Cake

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