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3 Creative and Fun Baby Shower Ideas

Planning a baby shower is one of the most fun and exciting part of becoming a new parent. During pregnancy, you’ll experience a roller coaster of emotions but a baby shower is always something to get you and your hubby excited about. In this regard, we’ve gathered a list of great baby shower ideas so you can create the perfect party including themes, games, food, and party favors to suit your style and need.

Just remember, anyone except the soon-to-be parents can host the event. Usually, a baby shower is scheduled during the last two months of pregnancy. Takes these baby shower ideas and brainstorm with your friends for an awesome party.

Baby Shower Ideas for a Fun Party

1. Co-ed baby shower

Instead of the usual all-girls baby shower party, why not make it a co-ed theme instead? This way you can also include the hubby and his friends to join the fun.

When you’re planning a co-ed party, it is highly recommended to choose a gender neutral theme. This will avoid alienating the male from the female guests. Just imagine how you’d feel if you’re a guy entering a room and everything you see is pink.

A neutral theme will make all the guests feel more relaxed and comfortable. Of course you can still add a splash of color. Just make sure you avoid over styling the venue.

A good suggestion is to pick themes such as toys, objects or animals that can be attributed to both genders such as owls. Owl-themed parties are certainly adorable and charming to both men and women. Plus, it goes well whether the baby is a boy or a girl. It’s also a perfect theme in case the parents don’t know the gender of their baby.

You can even have a customized owl onesie made for the baby or perhaps ask the guests to bring owl-themed baby shower gifts.

2. Gender reveal party

For expectant parents who do not want to divulge the gender of their baby, they can consider announcing it during the shower party. Some parents prefer a gender revealing baby shower party so that they can all celebrate this important occasion with all their loved ones.

If you are having your party during a holiday or an important event, you can base or incorporate your theme with it. For example, if the party falls around the Easter season, you can use the Easter Egg theme as your party concept. You can distribute colored plastic eggs to your guests and have them open it to reveal a pink or blue colored candy inside. This is a fun way to make the guests feel part of the celebration.

3. Interactive games

The game portion is perhaps the most fun part of a baby shower. Make sure you plan interactive games for the guests.

If you’re having a co-ed party, you can ask the men and women to pair up. Then blindfold the women and have them feed a spoonful of baby food to the men. The fastest couple to finish their small bowl wins.

This game may be simple but the process is fun and it will surely bring a lot of laughter. Plus, this also makes the male guests feel part of the party.

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