35 Great Baby Gift Ideas

This article is part of a 4-part series of baby shower gift/baby gifts related topics that gives you baby gift ideas. Read the rest of them here:

Buying a baby gift can be tricky, especially for those who aren’t married yet and don’t have any young nephew/nieces.

So here are 35 baby gift ideas for Singapore for the next baby shower you have to attend or if you’re just looking for a baby gift in general. This list consists of both conventional and out of the box gift ideas.

1. Red Packet

Red Packet - Baby Gift Ideas
The staple baby shower or 满月 (man yue) gift. That question is: how much? From our experience selling baby gifts over the last few years, this is the break down:
If you are a:

  1. Normal Colleague: $10 – $20
  2. Close Colleague: $25 – $50
  3. Friend who was invited to the baby shower: $50 – $100
  4. Close friend: $100 and above
  5. Uncle/Auntie/Relative: $100 and above

2. Supermarket Vouchers

Supermarket Voucher - Baby Gift Ideas
As good as a red packet. Parents will always need to do their grocery shopping regardless. NTUC, Cold Storage, Giant all have vouchers available for purchase. If you’re feeling creative, consider buying a gift card from Guardian or Watsons as an alternative.

3. Diaper Cakes

Diaper Cakes Baby Gift Ideas
Shameless plug. We sell Diaper Cakes and we think it’s the best baby gift if you do not want to give cash. Find out why our diaper cakes are the best baby gift. If  you who don’t know what a Diaper Cake is, read this: What is a Diaper Cake?

4. Breast-milk Storage Bags

Breast feeding is actively encouraged by hospitals in Singapore. Having extra storage bags is always going to be a good thing. These breast-milk storage bag from Lansinoh will get the job done efficiently.
Breast Milk Storage Bags - Baby Gift Ideas

5. Diapers

huggies-total-protection- Baby Gift Ideas
Parents can never have enough diapers. Sending them a box (or two) will help. As to what brand to buy, check with the parents as the baby might have a preference towards a particular type of diapers. Many influencers who are mothers promote Merries and Mamy Poko pants, but of course there are other diaper brands that are just as good.

6. Cute Utensils

These “Zootensils” from Skip Hop are super cute and friendly. Should make feeding time a little less painful.
Zootensils - Baby Gift Ideas

7. Baby Hampers

Baby Hampers - Baby Gift Ideas
There are lots of hampers to choose from all the leading florists:

  1. Far East Flora
  2. Xpress Flower
  3. Astoria

Note: You can also find our Diaper Cakes at the above mentioned florists.

8. Activity Stations

Give mommy a much needed break and put the little one in an activity station to keep them occupied.
Activity Station - Baby Gift Ideas

9. Bath Set

This Johnson’s Bath-time Essentials Gift Set is a nice idea. It contains all the bathing essentials that a baby needs to get clean.

Johnson's Bath Set - Baby Gift Ideas

10. Brand’s Essence of Chicken

Essence Of Chicken- Baby Gift Ideas
Chicken essence is supposed to contain many beneficial nutrients that is good for the mother during her confinement period.

Feeling particularly lazy? Order from Redmart and have it delivered straight to recipient’s address. When you order a Diaper Cake, you can choose to attach Brand’s Essence Of Chicken along too.

11. Baby Monitor System

For the more tech savvy, you can consider a buying a baby monitoring system to help put the parents mind at ease. These ones from Infant Optics comes with night vision too!

Baby Monitor System - Baby Gift Ideas

If you want the ease of monitoring through your Android or iOS device, you can consider the Wifi Baby 3

12. A Nice Photo Frame

Baby Photo Art - Baby Gift Ideas
With the arrival of a new baby, you can be sure there will be countless photo opportunities. With photographs, there will be a need for photo frames. So pick up a nice photo frame at any leading furniture store.

13. Child Carrier

Child Carrier Baby Gift Ideas

Baby Bjorn is quite simply the best brand to buy for this.

14. Strollers

Strollers come in many shapes and sizes. Here are a few things to look out for when buying one:

  1. The wheels should be robust and swivel easily
  2. Enough compartments to hold things like diaper bags, water boys etc.
  3. It should be lightweight
  4. Easy to fold and unfold. Nothing like fumbling with the stroller to start the day off bad.
  5. Rain/sun cover

Maclaren seems to be a popular brand in Singapore.

Maclaren Baby Gift Ideas

15. Comforters

Comforters - Baby Gift Ideas
I know what you’re thinking: labels? It seems to be a baby thing to like to play with labels. This sparked the creation of Label Label, a Belgium based baby comforter maker. Their comforters are littered with labels of differing sizes and textures. This ensures that the baby is getting different types of simulation. Get it here.

16. Soft Toy

7" Eeyore - Baby Gift Ideas

Every baby needs a soft toy. It’s standard issue for new babies. For anyone who has ever owned a cat, you know that buying toys for them can be a hit or miss affair. The same goes for babies. They will eventually settle on one soft toy which will be inseparable from them. We sell some pretty cute soft toys too.

17. Stroller Grips

Stroller grips add a bit of fun and protection to the grips. This is especially handy if the parents are getting second hand strollers (which work just as well as brand new ones to be honest). This hides away the grime and wear and tear from the previous usage and also gives it a bit of fun.
Stroller Grips - Baby Gift Ideas

18. Rattles

Rattles generally fall into two categories:

  1. Pram rattle. That is a rattle you hang from the pram/car/hook.
  2. Everything else

Rattles are easy gifts as they don’t cost very much but the baby is likely to be using it for a while which makes value for money. Here are some cute rattles we came across:
Rattles Baby Gift IdeasRattles Baby Gift Ideas

19. Shoes

Everybody loves baby shoes. They are so small and cute and tiny. One can go crazy just buying baby shoes. Word of caution, babies grow fast so expect to be changing shoes very often in the first 3 years.

Something you fancy? We also sell baby shoes.

20. Baby Rompers

Cute baby rompers are always welcome for new parents. Especially if they involve the words: Handsome like Daddy or Mommy is the Best! (Because you are complimenting the new parents!) Check out these pretty and witty rompers from our favourite romper shop carters.com:

Charcoal Baby Romper - Baby Gift IdeasPink Striped Romper - Baby Gift Ideas

There are also come cute ones at the ever popular Osh Kosh B’gosh.

21. Baby Football Jersey

Is the Father a football fan? Buy a small sized football jersey of the team Daddy supports and you’ll be sure to be in his good books. You can probably find some at Queensway Shopping Centre.

22. Bottle Holder

Bottle Holder - Baby Gift Ideas

The bottle holder has worked perfectly for my baby. We go for a 2.5 hour walk every morning during his feeding time and now I don’t have to hold the bottle in his mouth while awkwardly pushing the stroller. It is also very helpful when I am getting my daughter ready for school or dealing with her throughout the day and the baby needs his bottle.

23. Personalised Baby Clothes & Hampers

Baby Hamper - Baby Gift Ideas
There are a few options for embroidery of the baby’s name onto the clothes.

  1. mybabygift has a very nice selection of personalised clothing hampers that look very chic.
  2. Ariel’s Baby

24. Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes

Baby Einstein Baby Gift Ideas

Let’s just say I got this for my Nephew and Niece and it’s the first thing I hear in the morning and the last thing I hear before their bed time. If you are going to be living in the same household as the kids, don’t get this. Otherwise, it’s a lovely present.

25. Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether, Brown/White

Sophie the Giraffe is like the Mercedes of baby teethers. Why a Giraffe? No one really knows but the babies seem to like it much.

26. Baby Headbands

Nothing like a little hair accessory for a baby girl. There’s a nice selection of hair clips and baby headbands at www.bambinoheadbands.com.

baby-head-band-white-satin Baby Gift Ideas

27. Baby Bandana

Baby headbands for the baby girl, baby bandanas for the baby boy! This pack of bandanas not only makes the little look cool, it also serves as a bib.

Baby Bandana - Baby Gift Ideas

28. Tonic Set

A mommy in confinement period is going to need loads of tonic to nurse the body back to health.

This energy hamper from Eu Yan Sang is a thoughtful gift for the mother.

Tonic Set - Baby Gift Ideas

29. Crib Mattress

Crib mattresses are mattresses that is place within the crib.

Here’s a happy customer testimonial for a good quality Crib Mattress like: https://www.amazon.com/Naturepedic-Quilted-Organic-Cotton-Mattress/dp/B001613QOE.

This mattress is still AHHH-MAZING!! I say this because it has retained it’s shape and form beautifully and if baby’s diaper leaks overnight (and they will as they get bigger!) you can easily clean the mess. We use a waterproof mattress pad, but still, when everything is in the wash, I still give it a good wipe down. Baby loves it and she’s 20 months now. One thing i really appreciate about it and you may not care about this, but since there are no springs, she has never had the urge to try and jump up and down on it and escape the crib.

30. Baby Crying Analyzer

Baby Crying Analyzer - Baby Gift Ideas

They say its 90% accurate. Well, there’s only one way to find out…

31. Car Seat

This Graco Nautilus Car Seat is packed with so many features I think that it will survive a nuclear explosion and still come out OK.

32. Chic Diaper Bag

Chic Diaper Bag - Baby Gift Ideas

A functional and nice looking diaper bag is hard to find. But we’ve saved you the trouble and we are telling you that thankfully, the good folks at Skip Hop have precisely such a diaper bag.

33. Baby Bean Bag

Baby Bean Bag - Baby Gift Ideas

Warning: The cat/dog/pet might also use it.

34. Baby Shusher

Baby Shusher - Baby Gift Ideas
Safely calms the baby down with a rhythmic “shushing” sound. If this actually works, you’re getting a whole slew of residual THANK YOU notes. Get it here.

35. Web Design for Babies

HTML for babies - baby gift ideas

Programmers are set to be one of the most employable professions in the next 20 years. Why not start them early 🙂

Final Word

If you’re still stuck for baby gift ideas, look for baby registries on Amazon, Toysrus and Pinterest.

But don’t be too hung up if you can’t find the “perfect” gift. After all, it’s the thought that matters. For everything else, there is Diaper Cakes Baby Gift Singapore.